Ease-E Schedule

Solves All Your Scheduling Needs

This product is sold as an add on module to the Fitness Club application.

The Ease-E Club Scheduling system automates a wide range of tasks including:

Multiple and Single Classes, Programs, Trainers, Services, Rooms, Equipment and more.

  • An unlimited number of Programs, Services, Equipment Rooms and Staff/Trainers may be defined.
  • User controlled defaults simplify data entry.
  • Automatic tracking of commissions and staff fees.
  • Extensive statistical and historical reporting.


  • Support for multiple sessions with multiple classes.
  • Staff assignment.
  • Room and/or Equipment Booking.
  • Alternate dates.
  • Attendance monitoring with minimums and maximums.
  • Class availability.
  • Walk-inís allowed.
  • Member, non-member, group and date sensitive sales pricing.
  • Class Schedule Availability.
  • Attendee evaluation, recording and retrieval.


  • Count down tracking.
  • Expiry dates by member.
  • Member, non-member, group and sales pricing.
  • Availability.

Staff, Room and Equipment:

  • Availability with date sensitive overrides.
  • Qualification based on skills, training and/or experience.
  • Schedule inquiry.


  • Central booking screen to schedule any program, package, staff, equipment, class, service and room.
  • Member or Customer types allowed.
  • Drill down to specific events.
  • Real time information display.